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    The conveyancing fees calculator is provided without warranty. Purchasers of the calculator are solely responsible to check their fees, costs and disbursements along with any stamp duty and land registry calculations.

    As the system is fully customisable we do not accept any liability for incorrect usage.

    The system is kept up-to date in terms of security and for GDPR client details kept secure, not shared and automatically deleted after a nominated time frame.

    While we have done our utmost to comply with SRA regulations but we cannot be held responsible for any omissions or errors. As the system can be fully customised the client/solicitor/Conveyancing practice should always double check all transaction types to ensure the calculations are correct.

    In testing the SDLT calculations we used the official HMRC calculator to cross reference own our calculations.

The conveyancing fees calculator is £395 (ex VAT) per annum.

This includes:

  • Up to four fee scale changes per annum
  • Up to eight cost or disbursement updates per annum
  • Support during office hours 9am – 5pm Mon- Fri
  • Assistance in integrating with your website
  • Matching of typefaces and colours in initial setup
  • Up to 1 style change per annum (in case you rebrand)
  • Stamp duty rate updates